Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Best Free Windows Backup Software

Backup software is a computer program used to perform a complete backup of a file, data, database, system or server. The backup software enables a user to make an exact duplicate of everything contained on the original source. This software must also be used to perform a recovery of the data or system in the event of a disaster.

Data backup is easy to do and can save you great amounts of time as well as ensure that your data is secure in the case of disaster. Data recovery is a very difficult, time consuming and expensive process, and it is not even assured that you will be able to recover your data from a system crash.

Backup does not take much time, as it is easy to put your files onto another medium, and is not too expensive, depending upon what mediums you use to backup your data. There are many different options for data backup, and you will have to choose the one that is best for you.

1. FBackup

FBackup is a free backup software for both personal and commercial use. It protects your important data by backing it up automatically to any USB/Firewire device, local or network location.


DeltaCopy is an open source, fast incremental backup program.

3.Cobian Backup

A multi-threaded program that can be used to schedule and backup your files and directories.

4.Comodo BackUp

Comodo BackUp – Quickly and easily create backup copies of important files to protect yourself against crashes and data loss. Schedule backups to local machine, network drives and FTP.


Make a replica—an image—of your entire hard drive for easy backup and restore later.


Fast and easy backup of your confidential data on any storage device. Store backups locally or on remote FTP servers. Scheduled, encrypted and compressed. Easy handling with Explorer integration.

7.GFI Backup Home Edition

Easy-to-use Software for Back-Up and Recovery.

8.BackUp Maker Standard Edition

BackUp Maker is the professional solution for creation of data-backups. The ease of use as well as the range of functions enable you to create backup tasks for saving files and folders with a lack of time.

9.Allway Sync

Allway Sync is free file and folder synchronization software for Windows.
Allway Sync uses innovative synchronization algorithms to synchronize your data between desktop PCs, laptops, USB drives and more.

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