Sunday, September 13, 2009

Learning with Educational Software

Let's face it; your child would probably rather play a video game than an educational software game. But, there are many important considerations when shopping for educational software that will help to increase the odds that your child will play the software, will learn from it and will actually enjoy it.

The following factors are only guidelines, but help you analyze the importance of different factors to your choices. These tips aren't in any kind of particular order, but make certain you think about the following points carefully prior to making your software purchase from All Educational Software or from any other educational software vendor. Your enjoyment and learning success will benefit from any research you do before buying.

* Users age: Will your young children or teenager be running the product? You'll want the software to be appropriate for the age of the user. Maybe Sponge Bob Squarepants could teach your young child to type, but you probably could use a more advanced typing program!

* Is it going to keep the user's attention? A young child might enjoy software that is self-paced and features a favorite interactive story or cartoon character.

* Is it suitable for the user's learning style? For example, does your child learn better by solving puzzles or playing thinking games or taking quizzes? Is software that adapts to the learner's level of learning and difficulty a desirable feature? Find programs that focus on these styles.

* Are you searching the market for software by subject or by title? If you know the name of the software you're searching for, then you have likely already done a little research. But, if the only thing you know is you're looking for a way that would help you to learn to speak French, then take the time to review the learning techniques of all the language learning software you are considering. You will find they vary greatly. Do you want to learn a language by the immersion technique? Do you want to converse interactively with the learning software?

* Price: Is the product reasonably priced? Look at other educational software web pages to get a comparison of prices along with shipping costs. Also note features such as discounted shipping and no sales tax states. You will find that All Educational Software's shipping costs of only $3 per shipment is a great deal when you are purchasing several pieces of software at one time.

* Requirements: Will the software run on your computer? All good educational software sites list the system requirements necessary to run the software successfully. Make sure you analyze this thoroughly.

* Availability: If it's possible, verify that the item is available right away.

* Exchanges and Returns: Will the supplier allow exchanges or returns? Is it hard to return a product? If the product you received does not fit your needs or cannot run on your system, you'll need to be able to exchange your purchase for one that you can use and enjoy.

Reviewing these important factors will ensure that you and your child will make a decision that will optimize the usage of your product and the learning experience.

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