Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Save YouTube Videos On My Computer

Have you ever browsed through YouTube and wondered "How do I save YouTube videos on my computer?" At some point in time while browsing through YouTube you will discover a movie that you would really love to download and own so you could watch it anytime you desired. The problem is, YouTube does not have an easy to use "download" button or link so if you want to save your favorite YouTube videos on your computer, you will need to find another method to do it.

If the other thought that crosses your mind is "What do I do after I save YouTube videos on my computer?" here are a few suggestions. You can share the YouTube video with family and friends, load it to your own website, save it on your computer, store it on disk or even burn it to DVD! In fact, you can do pretty much anything you desire, once you have obtained the file. Isn't that tempting!

The first thing you will need to do is to learn how to save YouTube videos on your computer.

Do I Need Special Software Or Programs In Order To Download Video From YouTube?

This is completely up to you! There are numerous websites that allow you to take a link from a page where the YouTube video you want is stored and to simply enter it into their website. They will then provide a download link so that you can download the video.

Once you have this video downloaded you will then need to seek out an Internet Video Converter that can convert FLV files. A FLV file is a flash based video file that YouTube videos are stored in. Therefore, unless you have a FLV video player you will need to convert the FLV file into a video that will play in your default video player.

There are a variety of free to use Internet Video Converters that you can find on various websites on the web. You can also purchase these converters at various electronic and department stores. Many websites also sell these converters.

Additionally, there are many Internet Video Converters that will even download the videos from YouTube for you. This means that you won't have to use another website to download the file. These types of Internet Video Converters do all the work for you.

It should also be noted that there are many websites that will download a YouTube video for you and will also format the video for you. This makes downloading YouTube videos a very easy and hassle free process. However, most of these websites will limit the amount of the videos that they allow you to download a day. Therefore, you may have to purchase a membership to these websites if you plan on downloading beyond their limit each day.

When you want to save YouTube video to your computer all you have to do is decide which of the above methods works for you. Once you find a website or Internet Video Converter that you are satisfied with, be sure to bookmark the website you got it from, so you can continue to use their services in the future. Additionally, you will want to keep them bookmarked incase they offer upgrades of their programs or services.

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