Friday, October 22, 2010

Ten top php scripts

PHP makes it easy to add powerful features to your website with minimal effort through the use of scripts. If you have CakePHP installed, you can use the Paypal Payments Component to set up Paypal to receive payments and donations. CakePHP also lets you display all the latest from your Twitter feed with a script that you can copy and paste from their sites Articles section. Another great feature of CakePHP is that it can allow you to harness the power of jQuery to allow users to upload and crop images. Use this to allow users to upload avatars or post an image for their friends. This script can be found in the “Snippets” section of their site. Another great script provided by CakePHP is the AutoLogin component. Now, a user to your site will have the choice of whether or not they have to log in with each visit. Tired of getting spam in the comments section of your site? Commentia is yet another CakePHP script that helps filter out spam. Other PHP frameworks can provide most of these features.
Say you want to see exactly what pages on the site your visitors are viewing most? Take a look at IDLogger, a click-tracking script. The coolest feature of this script is that all the data is returned in real time – you can even track individual users as they move from page to page. Usercart2 makes setting up an online shop a walk in the park. phpBB will give your visitors a bulletin board with which to interact on your site. Set up a blog – or even give users their own blogs – quickly and easily with PostNuke. Finally, keep your news page up-to-date with CuteNews, an easy and powerful way to add and edit news updates.

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